We are THRILLED to have a star-studded cast of GMs on our roster to provide YOU with the BEST gaming experience possible, coming from all races, genders, and orientations, our GMs will give you an experience you WONT FORGET!

Jason Azevedo
Jason Azevedo is a professional Dungeon Master, acclaimed miniature painter and the President & Founder of RealmSmith - a Toronto-based channel that offers immersive and interactive TTRPG 5th Edition Content. He’s best known as the DM for RealmSmith’s official Curse of Strahd campaign 'Into the Mist', 'Tides of Wildemount’ , 'Champions of the Realm’, Tales of the Wasted West and most recently 'RealmSmith Learns // Cyberpunk' ( You may also have seen him at a variety of conventions partnering with WizKids and Vallejo to teach miniature painting seminars to the masses.

Game Style: Jason thrives on running character-driven, immersive gameplay experiences that focus on collaborative storytelling. As a Dungeon Master, he believes it's his responsibility to weave a story collectively with his players - if they have fun, his job is done. You can expect a PG-13 experience with lots of ambiance and the use of hand-painted miniatures and terrain.
Omega Jones
Omega Jones, known online as the Critical Bard, is a professional actor and vocalist from the Midwest. A proud member of Actor's Equity, he transitioned into becoming a TTRPG performer, Dungeon Master, and designer. He has worked closely with Wizards of the Coast, World of Darkness, and also created the theme song for Critter Hug, Critical Role's signal-boosting summer show. Some DM credits include D3 at Sea, PAX East, PAX Unplugged, and he was the DM for Dungeons & Durags, an all black TTRPG Actual Play. Other credits include Into The Mist, Tides of Wildemount, Tales of the Wasted West with Realmsmith, Mysteries of the Maw with AlecTheBard, New Pantheon: Academia with SavingThrowShow, and KOIIOK 1991 with HyperRPG. Aside from TTRPGs, he is a Twitch partner & variety streamer. He's hosted a plethora of shows including TwitchGaming's The Weekly and Twitch Rivals: Pride Month Invitational ft. Lil_Lexi. Overall, he strives for diversity, inclusion, and equity in all aspects of his life.

Game Style: Omega longs for the focus of storytelling and immersion. The world is nothing without those who inhabit it so the focus remains on clear and open character choices with possibility at it's forefront as well as creativity and passion for the story they choose to tell. One can expect deep roleplaying opportunities, moments for social interaction and exploration, and meaningful yet fun & excitable combat. A mature heart and mind is preferred at his table though safety and consent comes first always. At the end of the day, fun and fulfillment is what Omega strives for at his table. Together, something magical can happen.
Dot Steverson
Dot is a podcaster, producer, and digital storyteller from Atlanta, Georgia. She has been part of the entertainment industry for over 15 years and is thrilled to bring her passion for stories and games to Kobold Press as the Marketing Director. Dot is deeply passionate about the TTRPG community and served for five years on the GenCon live stream Twitch team, is a current DragonCon Main Event Host, and the lead producer for Podcast by Night. Her most recent work includes World Designer on the Modiphius' new Fallout RPG book. You can find her other written works and game design with companies such as Adventurers League, Kobold Press, and the Vineyard Project.

Game Style: Dot thrives on immersive gameplay focused on character-driven choices and deep lore. As a DM, Dot strives to create collaborative spaces where even the most novice tabletop gamer can find genuine moments of joy, laughter, and drama. Dot focuses on heavy RP with little use of minis and terrain. She lets the story speaks for itself.
Cate Osborn
Cate Osborn (aka Catieosaurus), is a full-time neurodivergent educator and TTRPG content creator. She's had the opportunity to work with people like Kobold Press, Realmsmith, Dungeon Run, Wizards of the Coast, Hero Forge and more! Her work has been seen in places like the New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Vice, The Today Show and more. You've probably seen her on ADHD tiktok or speaking at conventions about accessibility and inclusivity for Neurodivergent people in TTRPG spaces.

Game Style: Cate loves exploring worlds and telling stories together -at their table, they will focus on collaborative worldbuilding and interesting, generative free-form roleplay. You can expect a friendly, creativity-inspired environment to explore the nooks and crannies of a collaboratively built world, the stories of the people who live there, and how the world ultimately falls. This table will be rated "R" for potential content, but enthusiastically uses safety tools in order to support the needs of everyone at the table. Also fruit snacks.
Jesse Jerdak
Jesse Jerdak is a professional actor, voice actor, live performer, and cosplayer. In the TTRPG space, he is well known for award-winning 5th edition one-shot adventures, game-mechanic consultation, custom hand-designed, 3d-printable miniatures & terrain, audience inclusive  TTRPGs on twitch, as well as having the distinct honor of running a 3+ year long campaign for the incomparable Ginny Di.  You can see Jesse in several appearances on various TTRPG live-streams like Realmsmith's Tales of the Wasted West,  Beadle & Grimm's Present's: Eve of Fall,& Gehenna Gaming's ATL by Moonlight, as well as the Epix series Graves, NBC's The Messengers&Midnight Texas, and the Broad Green Pictures movie Just Getting Started .

Game Style: Jesse describes his preferred adventures as whimsical, interactive fairytales with a sense of comedy and intense emotionality. An expert puzzle-crafter, you can expect a comfortable challenge to your wits in addition to delightfully raucous roleplay with expertly-voiced NPCs. Exciting combat on boldly realized 3d terrain provides the occasional stimulating diversion during saga-like storytelling.
Jay Foster
Jay Foster, known as Swole Initiative, is a Dungeon Master, Voice Actor, and Strength & Conditioning Coach. Jay creates comedy videos on social media that all players and DMs can relate to, while championing for inclusion and positivity. He streams weekly on Twitch in ongoing long style homebrew campaigns ( with a tight group of friends. You will also find Jay appearing at many convention stages across the country running games and panels or partnering with brands such as Norse Foundry, Dwarven Forge, WizKids, and HeroForge.

Game Style: Jay will immerse you in a living world full of original and colorful NPCs to interact with. Along with actions, consequences, and cinematic style combat that will have you on the edge of your seat. Jay works to put the story before everything else, actively encouraging player agency to influence the outcome of all situations to deliver a collective based story. Expect plenty of “yes and” situations from Jay as he leans heavily into the narrative direction of his players.
Patrick Keeffe
Patrick Keeffe is a Voice Actor, Content Creator, and Professional DM. They are mostwell known under their online moniker "ThatGreyGentleman". Withinthe TTRPG sphere, Patrick is a founding host of "The Writer'sRoom; 7th Sea" Podcast, a Celebrity DM at events such as "Quincy'sTavern Presents: The Convergence", and has most recently lent their voiceto "The Quest Chest" as both Prince Dontis Eleran & DukeCaldain. 

Game Style: Patrick finds themself at home with a role-play focused, yet flexible game style. Character moments are every player's time to shine; be that in combat, political intrigue, or emotional discussion. The Table is where we lift each other up and tell our stories collaboratively. At this table, you will always find a balance between The Rules...and The Rule of Cool.
Teddy Benson
Teddy Benson, known as the “MythicDM,” is a professional Dungeon Master and seasoned storyteller who creates immersive experiences in the world of tabletop gaming. Teddy crafts engaging sessions with a unique blend of storytelling, acting, and strategic gameplay. His adaptability and mastery of game mechanics allow him to cater to a wide range of player preferences and skill levels. Teddy is best known for running his published TTRPG content and his presence as a DM at popular gaming conventions like GaryCon, GameHoleCon and DragonCon.

Game Style: Teddy draws on not only his imagination but also the power of myths and legends to create an immersive experience. He weaves together tales of heroism and adventure that resonate with players on a deep level. As someone who is always up for a challenge, Teddy collaboratively with the players crafts unique roleplaying moments for each character, skillfully weaving them into the storyline. He thrives on improvising situations at the drop of a hat, finding the blend of exhilaration and terror to be a driving force in his DMing. Above all, his goal is to create fun, engaging game sessions where any age and experience level player can take part in a welcoming, safe gaming environment.
Randall Brown
Randall Brown is the creator of Magic Academy; a TTRPG actual play production dedicated to telling the beauty and magic of Queer stories. Streaming on Twitch, the Magic Academy catapulted to the top 100 DnD Streams on the platform - fostering a unique place of inclusion and diversity by removing labels and showcasing how each queer individual has a place to be seen and have a story that is worth being heard. ( Currently, the Magic Academy, is running a Greek Mythos campaign called Odyssey of the Dragon lords, as well as running Curse of Strahd and Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden very soon! 

Game Style: Randall runsTTRPG tables with a heavy focus on role-playing with an emphasis on strategy/tactics, and puzzles. The true magic happens in those moments of improv roleplay with people you grow and bond with over the course of the campaign - the stories you tell of the fun ideas you came up with as a group. While combat should be seen as a new challenge that happens only in the most tense situation of the sessions. He thrives on creating hooks for individual stories and creating special moments for each person at the table while collaborating with everyone to tell a story they can all say they were proud of. 
Alec Lachman
Alec Lachman, also known as AlecTheBard, is a professional ballroom dancer turned YouTube partner,TTRPG Dungeon Master, and content creator from the Midwest. Establishing his platform in 2020 on TikTok, he has amassed a following of over 210,000, solidifying himself as a TikTok tabletop luminary.  

Game Style: To describe his GM style he would use a quote from one of his favorite movies: “The rules are more like guidelines than actual rules”. To him the story and enjoyment of the table will always take priority over the rules.
Jeremy Cobb
Jeremy is an actor, writer, director, podcaster, and professional GM, but you may know him as the Co-Host and Resident GM for the podcast Three Black Halflings. Over the years, he has GM'ed professionally for the cast of NADDPod, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Lou Wilson, Krystina Arielle, B. Dave Walters, Connie Chang, Mark Meer, D&D in a Castle, and many Lachman, also known as AlecTheBard, is a professional ballroom dancer turned YouTube partner,TTRPG Dungeon Master, and content creator from the Midwest. Establishing his platform in 2020 on TikTok, he has amassed a following of over 210,000, solidifying himself as a TikTok tabletop luminary.  

Game Style:  Jeremy loves to craft vibrant, exciting, and unique settings for my games, and makes a point to integrate player backstories into the plot to allow for maximum emotional investment. You can expect a healthy mix of engaging RP and challenging combats, with a tone ranging from Looney Tunes to Lord of the Rings, with everything in-between. I also prioritize safety at the table, so I talk to each of my players ahead of time and use Lines & Veils to ensure that we don't include anything everyone isn't okay with, allowing us all to relax and have the most fun possible. I also love to include music, so you can expect an immersive and thrilling soundtrack to all our adventures!


Alan Avery
Part of the LGBTQA+ community, he has been playing TTRPG’s since he was 13, starting with AD&D and going through over a dozen different systems over the last 24 years, from Cyberpunk 2020 to HERO System to Dungeon World. He is Just a Gamer on a mission to find and share fun times with people. his focus is more into Sci-fi themes these days, Co-Creator of Forge&Flame, Home of the Dwarven Ration!!

Garan Madeiros
Has been playing TTRPG’s for over the 35 years and like most of the 'old school' generation of gamers started with D&D before graduating to other genres and systems. Cyberpunk 2020, Vampire the Masquerade (and other World of Darkness), Pathfinder,  Champions, the HERO System (his true love), Dungeon World, all incarnations of D&D up to 5e, and many more.

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