We are THRILLED to have a star-studded cast of GMs on our roster to provide YOU with the BEST gaming experience possible, coming from all races, genders, and orientations, our GMs will give you an experience you WONT FORGET!

Alicia Marie is a costume artist, writer and actor who turned her love of fantasy, sci-fi, comic books, video games and art into a creative career. A self-professed “compulsive maker” she creates costumes and character looks for media companies like NBC, Warner Brothers; gaming and interactive studios such as Netherrealm (Mortal Kombat), Riot, and for celebrities such as platinum recording artist Megan Thee Stallion, Hollywood icon Jamie Lee Curtis and WWE superstars Ronda Rousey and Thea Trinidad.

Game Style: Alicia, who refers to herself as a “cyborg” following cochlear implant surgery - is an outreach advocate for the D/deaf and hard-of hearing. When she isn’t creating a new costume, new games character or working on set, you can find Alicia DMing or playing Dungeons & Dragons (or other TTRPGs) live - On IG, Twitter and Tik Tok at @AliciaMarieBODY And on Facebook at Alicia Marie LIVE
Jason Azevedo
Jason Azevedo is a professional Dungeon Master, acclaimed miniature painter and the President & Founder of RealmSmith - a Toronto-based channel that offers immersive and interactive TTRPG 5th Edition Content. He’s best known as the DM for RealmSmith’s official Curse of Strahd campaign 'Into the Mist', 'Tides of Wildemount’ , 'Champions of the Realm’, Tales of the Wasted West and most recently 'RealmSmith Learns // Cyberpunk' ( You may also have seen him at a variety of conventions partnering with WizKids and Vallejo to teach miniature painting seminars to the masses.

Game Style: Jason thrives on running character-driven, immersive gameplay experiences that focus on collaborative storytelling. As a Dungeon Master, he believes it's his responsibility to weave a story collectively with his players - if they have fun, his job is done. You can expect a PG-13 experience with lots of ambiance and the use of hand-painted miniatures and terrain.
erin fordham
Erin is a professional dungeon master who runs games locally, at various conventions, and on StartPlaying. She started out running science fiction LARP-style programs based on Star Trek and quickly transitioned to running tabletop games across a number of settings. Erin also works as a nurse for her day job and has a strong focus on charity gaming with programs like Extra Life to support her local children’s hospital. You can find her at @travelnerding across the internet and catch her playing D&D with Cauldron's Call and RealmSmith.

Game Style: Coming from a LARP background, Erin thrives on creating immersive experiences where players can fully step into the roles of the characters they play. She enjoys building character-focused narratives with a splash of creative and challenging combat. Players can expect a fleshed out setting where their choices carry weight and even small decisions have consequences - for better or for worse.
Jesse Jerdak
Jesse Jerdak is a professional actor, voice actor, live performer, and cosplayer. In the TTRPG space, he is well known for award-winning 5th edition one-shot adventures, game-mechanic consultation, custom hand-designed, 3d-printable miniatures & terrain, audience inclusive  TTRPGs on twitch, as well as having the distinct honor of running a 3+ year long campaign for the incomparable Ginny Di.  You can see Jesse in several appearances on various TTRPG live-streams like Realmsmith's 'Tales of the Wasted West',  Beadle & Grimm's Presents: 'Eve of Fall,& Gehenna' Gaming's 'ATL by Moonlight', as well as the Epix series Graves, NBC's 'The Messengers' & 'Midnight Texas', and the Broad Green Pictures movie 'Just Getting Started'.

Game Style: I'm a performance and improv specialized Game Maker, with a penchant for whimsical fantasy fairytales full of hope, exploration, fun, danger, puzzles, and consequences. I love bringing NPCs to life with memorable personalities, voices, ambitions and humor.  Nothing excites me more than building a world full of narrative and culture with my players, taking their ideas and running with them to the wildest final conclusions. I say yes much, much more than no, but be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!  I love to make players laugh, cry, roar victoriously, and feel unexpected depths of connection with not only the story and the game, but each other.
Kevin Parr aka "Dicecream Sandwich" is a professional TTRPG content creator, Dungeon Master, and Actual Play Producer based in Vancouver BC. Best known for his multiple viral DnD videos on Tiktok and Instagram, Kevin has also DM'd and produced amazing actual plays under QuestCoast Studios inclduing Dragonlance: Shadow of War and Pathfinder 2E: Bloodlords

Kevin has also performed several live games at world-renowned events such as San Diego Comic-Con, Gen-Con, DnD in a Castle, and many more!

Game Style: Dicecream's Dungeon Master style focuses solely on the player's experience. He believes as the Dungeon Master, it is his role to facilitate each player's story they are trying to tell and execute the best environment for these tales to blossom and intertwine. Improv storytelling means including cues from the players and will always be up for hearing mad and wild offerings the players will pitch during their campaigns. 
Cate Osborn
Cate Osborn, or Catieosaurus, is an American TikToker, GM, actor, podcaster, and mental health and disability advocate, based in Atlanta, Georgia. They focus on ADHD and the intersection of neurodivergence and relationships, aswell as the creative outlet that tabletop role-playing games provide. They hope to destigmatize hard conversations, encourage creative exploration, and promote radical self-acceptance.

Game Style: Cate loves exploring worlds and telling stories together -at their table, they will focus on collaborative worldbuilding and interesting, generative free-form roleplay. You can expect a friendly, creativity-inspired environment to explore the nooks and crannies of a collaboratively built world!
Alec Lachman also known as AlecTheBard is an award winning professional dungeon master, showrunner of Tales Of Novum, TTRPG content creator, and a national award winning ballroom dancer and instructor. Best known for his viral short form content on tiktok & instagram, and as the gamemaster of Heroes Of Bastion. You also may have seen him at conventions teaching his popular class: “Social Dancing For Nerds 101”

Game Style: Alec is a 'story & and character comes first' game master. Thriving off of throwing his plans out the window to make sure the players are having a good time. You can expect a ride of twists and turns, scares, laughs, maybe some tears but mostly to be a part of crafting a narrative we can be proud of.
Brandon Perkins is a professional Game Master and Player on multiple streams across the internet.  He is best known as a GM from the D&D 5E series 'The Order of Dragonsbane' on RealmSmith (, the Fallout 2D20 series 'Fallout: Niagara Wasteland' on Cybernation Uncensored (, and 'The Last of Us 2D20' also on Cybernation Uncensored.  You may also recognize him as a player on RealmSmith's 'Into the Mist', 'Tides of Wildemount', and 'Sentinels of the Storm'; as well as Syrinscape's 'Cyberpunk RED', MadQueen's 'Fallout 2D20' campaign, and both of Cybernation Uncensored's 'Highriders' campaigns.

Game Style: Brandon loves introducing situations where characters have the opportunity to grow and change, adding intensity and potential conflict or unity to the party experience.  He generally runs a clean game with little profanity.  However, this can change with players and their preferences as well.  He often brings a simple outline to the table, allowing character choices and improvisational DMing to take a powerful role.


Charlie Branson is a professional Game Master, Twitch Streamer, TTRPG content creator and founder and face of the vibrant and lively DM Charlie Gaming Discord community. DM Charlie is sometime seen in public on his eponymous Twitch and YouTube channels. He has also contributed to several publications on DM’s Guild, and was chief writer on “Of Mercanes and Megapedes”, a D&D5E adventure for Spelljammer.

Game Style: As a veteran professional Dungeon Master, DM Charlie is committed to consistently delivering exceptional and memorable roleplayingexperiences to his players. With living, visceral NPCs; heart-pounding,radio-theater style combats and compelling, evocative storytelling, he will transportyou from simply playing a character to discovering your legend and loving yourgame.

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