D3atsea game masters

Want to know how to become a D3atSea GM? We've got a GM program just for you! Lots of GMs are clamoring to take part in the PREMIER TTRPG vacation experience, so we'll outline the process and steps needed to get you aboard!

1 - reach out to join our waitlist!

We have an ever-growing list of GMs who are looking to join us! You can always CONTACT US and provide any resumes. references, or professional experience you have, as well as any Twitch or YouTube content you might want to share!


Want to run one of your existing games in an EXOTIC and EXCITING physical location? Got a big finale planned? Bring your table on an adventure with D3atSea and everyone can book together at a discount, including the GM! CONTACT US for more info if you have 4 or more cabins in your group!

3 - get paid to run your own table!

This is the one we've been asked about the most - and while we have a selection process in place, the best way to guarantee a paid spot on board as a GM is to bring 6 players with you! You can skip the waitlist and we'll contract you to run a table for those players aboard D3atsea! Entice players from your existing tables or communities and grow your reputation as a GM running games alongside our industry professionals!


If you can bring in at least 6 players (3 player cabins) we'll contract you to work for D3atSea! You'll get all sorts of benefits like:

  • A travel stipend to help get you to the port city
  • Comped Hotel room (shared with other GM/staff)
  • Comped Cabin on board (shared with other GM/staff)
  • FREE onboard packages as applicable to the sailing -WIFI, alcohol, specialty food, etc
  • Advertisement for your brand on D3atSea socials! (as applicable)
  • All the events, swag and excursions that we offer to the group!
  • An AMAZING TTRPG Vacation experience!

Want to bring along someone to vacation with you or just want yo buy out the other half of your cabin for privacy? No problem! We know adventurers often travel in parties so we have options so you can bring a paying guest to share your cabin on board and/or hotel room with!


Feel free to CONTACT US if you have additional questions - we know that a TTRPG vacation comes with a whole ADVENTURE worth of details and plans, and we are here to help YOU figure it all out! 

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