We are THRILLED to have a star-studded cast of GMs on our roster to provide YOU with the BEST gaming experience possible, coming from all races, genders, and orientations, our GMs will give you an experience you WONT FORGET!

Moon (@SparetheCryingPodcast) is a queer Actual Play producer, GM, and passionate TTRPG fan who loves to delve into the depths of folklore and the emotional growth of the adventurers at their tables. They are best known for their show, Spare the Crying Podcast, an Americana-inspired, story-driven tale, and their TikTok videos about the lives of fellow Queer TTRPG players.

Game Style: Moon loves to play collaborative, queer, cinematic games with moving stories and folklore aesthetics, scattered throughout with fun and engaging combat! They are excited to build their worlds and plot along with the players, are always happy to read the most detailed of character backstories, and add thread player’s lore throughout their campaigns to lead a story told by everyone at the table.
Rachel comes from extensive LARP and TTRPG adventure writing and has worked on titles including The Doctor Who Roleplaying Game, Exalted, Space 1889: After, Torg Eternity, and many others.  Best known on the internet as @RachelWritesThings (Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter), she GMs both independently and through Cast Party D&D. Some of her most notable appearances include being a featured creator at GalaxyCon Richmond 2024, GMing on the D20 Cruise, and running TTRPGs at various conventions across the country including GenCon, Origins, and GalaxyCon.

Game Style: As a GM, Rachel’s goal is to leave her players with the kinds of great games that they’ll be excited to tell stories about over dinner once the session is done.  She loves using collaborative “Yes, And…” storytelling to make sure everyone’s tale gets told, but when it’s time to face the Big Bad, Rachel is ready to roll some dice and throw down!
Alan is an LGBTQA+ TTRPG community builder on the island of Bermuda for 25+ years!  Lover of Fantasy and Scifi. Co-creator of Forge&Flame; the Artisan and Gaming Center for all things Fantasy/Scifi, home of the Dwarven Ration! Self promotion can be hard, but I have had a lot of recurring comments of being "Fun" "Nerdy" and "Wholesome". Come hang out and enjoy the Vibes!

Game Style: I tend to use the core mechanics of a system, or a setting, and always put my creative spin on things. I enjoy making my players feel important, or larger than life, as the story is about all of the actions and decisions made with the players steering the proverbial ship. I just make sure things stay (mostly?) on track and each player has a moment to shine. "The Rule of Cool" and "yes, and..!?" are favorites for me at my table, and having a fun time is always the goal.

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